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      The So Loved FoundationThe So Loved Foundation

      So You is about owning who you are and expressing it in a subtle yet trendy way. The So Loved Foundation values the uniqueness of every individual, celebrating similarities and differences. They believe in the beauty of celebrating the attributes and personalities of people. The So Loved Foundation has been established to manage donations and raises funds through fundraising campaigns and the aptly named “So Loved” give-back sweaters.

      The ‘So Loved Foundation’ gives us the opportunity to create lasting relationships with local charities and provides the opportunity to donate financially to our communities. With our launch of the ‘So Loved’ line, patrons will have the option to donate a comfy sweater to those in need. Our hope is that as the ‘So Loved Foundation’ grows, we can widen our reach within our local community and across Canada. The target is to establish relationships with different charities, each with different responses to the needs of at-risk communities and social impact, expanding the impact of our So Loved response.

      For more information and/or to make a donation, please contact us

      Amanda is one of the founders of So You Apparel and is now a partner. She is a heart-led entrepreneur, teacher, and master networker.  She thrives off of genuine human connection and conversation, and loves to learn new things. 
      She is motivated by growth, both personally and professionally. Amanda can be found in her role as a teacher, an entrepreneur, and now as a thriving podcast host. Amanda has proven her tenacity, enthusiasm and passion for lifelong learning, and strives to help people live their more authentic lives.