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      ABOUT US

      The story behind the sweater.

      Founder image

      Created to inspire.

      This is what happens when two dreamers, actors, enneagram 4's, and siblings (we adopted each other), come together to create.
      We believe words have power. The power to celebrate self-expression, encourage genuine connection, and emanate authenticity. Our hope, is that through our products, you will feel empowered. Empowered to be proud of who you are.

      Why use hidden messages when you can change your world with the words you wear

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      The ripple effect starts with you.

      It's an invitation to look at yourself through a different lens, it's a rebranding of certain labels, it’s a statement of pride, it's a conversation starter… It’s the beginning of you igniting the world around you to stand out, stand together, and stand for others.
      Yes we're an ostentatious bunch, but we believe we can inspire change in the world around us. Don't you?

      So - to such a great extent.

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      Isn’t it interesting how one little word adds such an emphasis! Suddenly it isn’t just about you being yourself, it’s about you being the BIGGEST version of yourself. About knowing that you can be understood (and deserve to be).

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      Now that you’re loudly being you, how great is it that you can start connecting with others! Others who are just like you, want to be like you, or can appreciate the differences in you. And that engagement sparks a new belonging.

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      Changing the World

      It's been said that little things make big things happen. By you being yourself, you’re making a difference in this world. You’re part of the cause that is spreading positivity and encourages others to also be their unapologetic self... To such a great extent.